Scientific Programme

ICE Congresses have always been a great opportunity to discuss the most up-to-date issues in contemporary electrocardiology. This year’s Congress, although organized in a unique form, will live up to its standard of both exciting and informative scientific event. This time ECG experts from around the world will join the virtual webinars to debate the advances in ECG diagnostics and treatment.

As the new 2021 ISHNE/ HRS/ EHRA/ APHRS collaborative statement on mHealth in Arrhythmia Management: Digital Medical Tools for Heart Rhythm Professionals has just been published, this will be a great opportunity to explore the role of mobile applications and wearables and meet the authors of this document. As a Holter society, we don’t forget about our roots and we will discuss traditional ECG diagnostic tools to evaluate arrhythmia as well. New consensus documents on atrial fibrillation, supraventricular arrhythmia, acute coronary syndromes, risk stratification and inherited arrhythmias have been published since we met at ICE congress in 2019. Therefore, we invited our Faculty members to discuss these hot topics. If you want to learn more about ECG in myocardial infarction meet our experts who will broaden the ECG section presented in the ‘Universal Definition of Myocardial Infarction”. We will spend a lot of time discussing important clinical aspects in diagnosing and treatment of inherited arrhythmias waiting for our new document to be published. We would like to draw your attention to new applications of our well-known ECG parameter – P wave. Finally, don’t forget that electrocardiographic diagnostic tools serve as a guideline in providing appropriate pharmacological and/or invasive treatment of  arrhythmias and heart failure. We will therefore share with you the up-to-date presentations on cardiac implantable devices and invasive electrophysiology.

If you are eager to publish in one of our journals- Annals of Noninvasive Electrocardiology and Journal of Electrocardiology you are invited to meet the their Editors who will share with you the most intriguing articles published recently. If you are interested in ECG analysis in implantable devices visit ECG University. During this Congress you will meet experts, distinguished masters of electrocardiology but the future belongs to young researchers so we will let them impress you with some intriguing subjects. It is our honor to host other ECG societies and enjoy our joint sessions.

Finally, we would like this difficult time of the global pandemic to be over, with its impact on both our personal and professional lives. Nevertheless, pandemic is still here so we feel obliged to discuss the most important issues related to COVID-SARs and arrhythmias.

Details of scientific sessions will be available soon so we encourage you to register for a meeting so we can inform you about the most important updates of the meeting. We encourage you to submit abstracts and to submit questions that you would like our Faculty to refer to during our sessions. Join us and be part of ICE 2021 Congress!

On behalf of the Scientific Committee

Iwona Cygankiewicz President of ISHNE

Tom Ribeiro – President of ISE