Welcome to the VOD Zone

Friday sessions


Welcome to the VOD Zone

Friday sessions

Novel strategies in treatment of atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation ablation in heart failure
Adam Mohmand Borkowski (USA)

Renal denervation and AF ablation
Jonathan Steiberg (USA)

One-step strategy of catheter ablation and left atrial appendage closure for management of atrial fibrillation in 2021
Yi-gang Li (China)

Gender disparity in atrial fibrillation
Magdalena Zeglin (USA)

Electrocardiography in the Cath Lab

Clinical-electrocardiographic prediction of post TAVI complete AV Block
Paul Malik (Canada)

ECG patterns of “Ischemia-equivalent”
Yochai Birnbaum (USA)

Electrical complications of Mitral Clip and Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) closure
Enes Gul (Turkey)

The ECG of left main occlusion
Miguel Fiol (Spain)

New Kids on the Block – Innovative diagnosis and management of intracardiac blocks

Interatrial block – state of art in year 2021 and clinical implications
Adrian Baranchuk (Canada)

Atrioventricular blocks – Cardioneuroablation
Sebastian Stec (Poland)

Left bundle branch block – His bundle pacing and beyond into ventricle
Marek Jastrzębski (Poland)

Intracardiac blocks – Lessons from high density mapping and catheter ablation
Laura Vitali-Serdoz/Dirk Bastian (Germany)

Risk stratification for ICD

EU-CERT-ICD results
Markus Zabel (Germany)

Personalized risk prediction and prevention – PROFID-EU trial
Radoslaw Lenarczyk (Poland)

Arrhythmic risk stratification in post-myocardial infarction patients with preserved ejection fraction: the PRESERVE EF study
Polychronis Dilaveris (Greece)

Inherited Arrhythmias /genetic counseling

Atrial fibrillation in inherited cardiomyopathies
Pyotr Platonov (Sweden)

Genetic conseuling of families with Inherited arrhythmias
Thomas Klingenheben (Germany)

Genetics of ARVC. State of the art and own experience
Katarzyna Biernacka (Poland)

Update on ICD therapy in the LQTS
Wojciech Zareba (USA)

Risk stratification in Brugada syndrome
Artur Filipecki (Poland)

Physical activity in cardiomyopathies – new concepts and new perspectives from 2020 AHA/ACC Sports Cardiology Guidelines
Lidia Ziółkowska (Poland)

Physical Activity and Lifestyle

Is there a link between heart rate, physical activity and longevity?
Ewa Piotrowicz (Poland)

Use of Commercially Available Wearable Technology for Heart Rate and Activity Tracking in Primary and Secondary Cardiovascular Prevention
Polychronis Dilaveris (Greece)

Cardiovascular risk in metabolic syndrome and medial arterial calcification
Ludovit Gaspar (Slovakia)

Telecare in heart failure – challenges and pitfalls in clinical trials
Pawel Krzesinski (Poland)

Coronary Plaque Destabilization Responsible for Death and MI: Pathophysiologic Mechanisms and Methods of Preemptive Detection
Peter Stone (USA)


ECG Imaging
Rob MacLeod (USA)

Normal Cine-electrocardiogram
Peter van Damm (Netherlands)

Clinical Applications of ECGI
Michael Mangrum (USA)

Assessment of Patient Response to CRT Based on Late Activation Zone as Detected by Non-Invasive ECG Imaging
Danila Potyagaylo (USA)

Improving the diagnostic value of the ECGI
Suave Lobodzinski (USA)

Congenital heart diseases in adults

Physical activity in congenital heart defects as individualized exercise prescription – new concepts from 2020 EAPC/ESC/AEPC Sports Cardiology Recommendations
Anna Turska-Kmieć (Poland)

Ventricular arrhythmias in tetralogy of Fallot – whom to treat?
Maria Miszczak-Knecht (Poland)

Cardiac resynchronization therapy in congenital heart disease: From immediate hemodynamic improvement to long-term benefit
Jan Janousek (Czech Republic)

Cardiac resynchronization therapy

CRT responders – where do we stand?
Wojciech Zareba (USA)

Why should’t we implant CRT in patients with atrial fibrillation
Maciej Sterliński (Poland)

Physiological heart pacing and its modifications
Jacek Gajek (Poland)

Physiological vs non-physiological heart pacing as assessed by Ultra-high-frequency ECG
Karol Čurila (Czech Republic)